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Picture of Runaway Slave

Tom’s first book, a county-by-county study of individuals and places in eastern New York and the Adirondack region involved in the Underground Railroad. It includes the unique feature of road maps showing the precise locations of still extant* UGRR stops, something you can’t find anywhere else.

*The Darrowsville Church pictured in the book has since collapsed despite local efforts to save it.


Tom’s classic book about the Underground Railroad in the Adirondack region, the first full history which identifies many of those who participated, based on 13 years of research. It led to Tom being awarded The Underground Railroad Free Press’s first annual prize for advancing the study of the Underground Railroad.

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The memoir of abolitionist Rev. Abel Brown published by his widow in 1849 and rediscovered by Tom in 1998. It includes Tom’s annotations describing the principle personages, and images that complement the text.

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This encyclopedia includes 100 biographies of celebrated and little known conductors of the Underground Railroad. Also, included are 36 sidebars; a timeline; a generalized map showing the most frequent routes; three indexes, one a general index of those who participated in the UGRR, another of those who participated by state, and a general topical index; suggested readings for each entry; and a selected bibliography.

The entries, many accompanied with sharp images of the individual listed, are captivatingly written” … Multicultural Review

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This encyclopedia with 75 detailed entries of places involved in the UGRR includes those by several authors in addition to Tom, notably Underground Railroad historian, Kathryn Grover, author of Fugitives Gibraltar. A significant feature is a series of maps tracing the various routes used by fugitive slaves on the Underground Railroad. Maps with such cannot be found in anywhere else, including those in the works of Wilbur Siebert. Also included are 24 sidebars covering various topics and a full index.

The compilation presents an accurate picture of the major locations along the Underground Railroad provides an understanding of how it operated, including routes, itineraries, connections and modes of transportation between the various locations.

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A narrative of the collaboration of Sidney Howard Gay, a white journalist, and Louis Napoleon, a black laborer, in New York City’s UGRR. It includes the complete transliteration of Gay’s notebooks from 1855-to-1856, as well as later entries, with annotation about the UGRR participants involved. Also included are databases that track the transport of fugitive slaves between Gay and William Still, as well as other prominent conductors like Jermaine Loguen, Thomas Garrett, and Harriet Tubman.

“This book is a must-have for researchers, genealogists, students, teachers, and general readers interested in this dramatic period in our nation’s history!” ― Kate Larson, author of Bound For the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait of an American Hero.

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Tom’s first person memoir of how he became involved in studying the Underground Railroad, the groundbreaking discoveries he made, and the people who helped him make them.

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The stories of little known and underappreciated participants in southern Ohio’s UGRR north of Cincinnati and Ripley up thru the Columbus area and the Alum Creek Quaker settlement. It features detailed coverage of the highly-publicized showdown between state and federal officials in the attempted rendition of fugitive slave, Addison White, in Mechanicsburg, northwest of Columbus.

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