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The Underground Railroad refers to enslaved African Americans’ attempts to escape slavery through the end of the Civil War. It was a network of places, routes, and people that assisted enslaved people in the American South in escaping to the North during the time of slavery. The term “Underground Railroad” was not used literally, but rather metaphorically. Although it wasn’t a true railroad, it served the same purpose—moving people across great distances.

Additionally, it ran through buildings such as houses, businesses, farms, and churches rather than running underground. In order to help enslaved people escape from slavery and keep them safe along the route, those who worked for the Underground Railroad, also known as “The Underground Railroad Conductor Lebanon Ohio,” risked their lives and threatened their own freedom out of a passion for justice and a desire to put an end to the practice of slavery.

Tom Calarco introduces you to both the freedomseekers and the liberators as he takes you on a journey over hundreds of miles to locations where people once sought freedom through his books. In comparison to all the battles that America has fought, the period of the Underground Railroad is one that we should cherish. It was a movement based on giving without expecting anything in return other than the satisfaction of seeing others achieve freedom.