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Tom’s annotated edition of the almost forgotten 1849 memoir of abolitionist, Rev. Abel Brown, which was published by Brown’s widow rediscovered during his research in 1998 while rummaging through the fragile copies of the old Liberty Party paper, The Albany Patriot, at the New York State Library. The book’s contents opened a treasure trove of information that broke open a great deal of information that had been lost to historians about the Underground Railroad in the Adirondacks and the Albany area. In his annotation, Tom reveals the background of many of the individuals who collaborated with Brown in the Underground Railroad. He also relates the serendipitous occurrences that led not only to the rediscovery of the memoir, but also to the discovery of Brown’s gravesite

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Abolitionist, this 1849 memoir was edited and annotated by Tom

  • Letter written by Abel Brown for fugitive slave enroute to Vermont agent, Charles Hicks, June 9, 1842
  • Masthead of radical abolitionist newspaper, The Tocsin of Liberty, published by Abel Brown