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The Underground Railroad tells the story of African Americans who were enslaved and made attempts to escape slavery up until the end of the Civil War. During the time of slavery, a network of routes, places, and people helped enslaved people in the American South escape to the North. “Underground Railroad” was employed metaphorically rather than literally. Despite not being a true railroad, it had the same function as one—moving people across long distances.

Additionally, it didn’t run underground; rather, it passed through buildings, including homes, offices, farms, and churches. Those who worked for the Underground Railroad, also known as “The Underground Railroad Conductor Lebanon Ohio,” risked their lives and threatened their own freedom in order to assist enslaved people escape from slavery and keep them safe along the route, out of a passion for justice and a desire to end the practice of slavery.

Through his novels, Tom Calarco takes you on a journey across hundreds of miles to places where people formerly sought freedom, introducing you to both the freedomseekers and the liberators. The era of the Underground Railroad is one that we should treasure in light of all the wars that America has fought. It was a movement built on selfless giving, with the only reward being the joy of seeing others find freedom. Buy Underground Railroad Conductor Books written by Tom Calarco to learn more about this movement.