Welcome to the Underground Railroad Conductor

Tom Calarco has studied the UGRR for more than 30 years and has traveled throughout the eastern United States and Canada in search of its forgotten stories. It is why he has proclaimed himself the Underground Railroad Conductor, who will take you on his journeys through his books.

His story begins in 1991 when his editor asked him to investigate the legend about a house in their area that was reputed to be a stop on it. A series of serendipitous events thereafter led him to write numerous articles and nine books about the legendary network. His books will not only educate but fascinate you about the little-known stories of human compassion and heroism that should never be forgotten

Let him take you on a journey across thousands of miles to places that once harbored people seeking their freedom and acquaint you with both these freedomseekers and their liberators. The Underground Railroad was an epoch which we should revere, a movement that deserves more glory than all the wars that America has fought. It was a movement of selflessness, of compassion, of helping people gain their freedom and receiving nothing in return but the satisfaction that others became free.