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The Underground Railroad

 in the Adirondack Region

by Tom Calarco

Retail: $55  Hardcover   ISBN: 0-7864-1627-0

Now in Softcover: $29.95  ISBN: 978-0-7864-6416-6

292 pages with index, 7 appendices, and 83 illustrations

 (photos, daguerreotypes, original news clips, maps)


The Underground Railroad Conductor is the definitive work about the Underground Railroad in the Adirondack Region. Before its publication, most of what was known about the Underground Railroad in the region was based on oral tradition.


Tom Calarco's rediscovery of the Abel Brown memoir and his unearthing of lost issues of the little known Albany Patriot were crucial in piecing together his information. These these goldmines of information were used along with sporadic published accounts by local newspapers of the day and numerous local legends that had been collected by local historians and history groups. He also relied on accounts in more mainstream newspapers such as Friend of Man, The Liberator, Pennsylvania Freeman, Emancipator, and the National Anti-Slavery Standard.  These sources enabled him to identify key contributors to the cause, describe numerous abolition meetings and conventions, create maps of the Underground Railroad by county, and tell a story of blacks and whites working together for justice and equality.




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