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Welcome to the Underground Railroad Conductor


Interest in the Underground Railroad has become a national phenomenon, and new information is being rediscovered daily. A renewed effort to identify and document the Underground Railroad is underway in many of the sections of the U.S. and Canada where it was active. Local groups are working to celebrate the selfless deeds and heroics of men and women, both black and white, who devoted their lives to helping the oppressed become free. They have become, like myself, the Underground Railroad conductors of the present day.

Above is a map based on the work of Wilbur Siebert that shows the major thoroughfares of the Underground Railroad.  Runaway slaves also escaped to areas in Florida, where there were a number of maroon colonies (that is, exile fugitive slave colonies) and Mexico.

Illustration from The Narrative of William Wells Brown

On this site you can visit pages that provide information about unique and little known sites from the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Canada that I have encountered on my travels. There are hundreds of little known sites still in existence that were likely used but which need more documentation to be authenticated. Such documentation will help us recreate the true trunks of the Underground Railroad and grasp the vast though somewhat amorphous and decentralized network, which the big picture suggests actually existed.


Also on the site is information about my seven books, including two new volumes, Secret Lives of the Underground Railroad in New York City and The Search for the Underground Railroad in Upstate New York.


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